To an auspicious moment of evolution of consciousness on Earth, as we start to awaken to our inner truth and to an inner sense of being here on a bigger Mission.

The Mission to discover a new way of Being oneself, with more authenticity, new dynamics of interaction with one another, co-creating a more harmonious & loving reality, that respects life in all it's forms.

During this process it is essential for us to gather around this new vision, to connect with each other on this journey, to remember that we are not alone, and we are many!

This online space is built for us to access new codes & information, to meet and connect.

Because together we THRIVE!

Welcome on board!


Hi! I'm Maria. As many of us, since I was a child I have had this unamed feeling of being here on a Mission, that I had no idea of what it would, or should, be.

I started my path of acomplishing this mission by studying biology and working with sustainable development, then went into public policies,  creating spaces to think and implement collective changes.

On the way I discovered that this change starts inside, within me, and went deep into this personal integration of all my layers.

This process resulted in me accepting the call to anchor this Portal, the Cosmic Portal, as a gateway of information and tools for us to detach from the old matrix reality and anchor a new one.

It is an honour to be on this Planet, at this moment, with you!


Check the next online and in presence events.







My vision for this space is first for us to have one place online to gather people from all over the world, people that are already connected with the Cosmic Portal approach and vision, for you to meet each other, and also a closer connection with me. 

In a Forum space we can either deepen into specific topics that I will bring, and you will vote upon, as well as you bringing to the table the subjects that are thrilling you at this moment.

We have a monthly online gathering to explore these topics together.

Also, in the members area is where I'm sharing the more cosmic and quantum content, to expand our perception and experience of reality.

Cosmic Tribe membership

Through a monthly contribution, that honours the exchange of energy between us, you become a Cosmic Tribe member and have access to the Tribe area.

You can choose different levels of contribution / engagement, and bring yourself in as a co-creator of this Tribe area!



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