Hello! I'm Maria. 
Born in Brazil, I've been on a path of Self discovery since I was 19.

With 34, after a life changing process, I sold all my things and went to a trip to India. This journey took me 5 years, travelling around India & Europe.

During this chaotic blossom I discovered myself as a therapist and started to receive all this information and downloads.


I honour this mission, my Soul's call, and that's what moves me! And I'm delighted to share this space and inspirations with you!


To an auspicious moment of evolution of consciousness on Earth!

A moment when we are called to AWAKEN to our INNER MISSION, by unveiling our authentic Self.

To contribute to this process, the Cosmic Portal is a channel of codes & information, where we can meet, share and connect!

Here you will find guided meditations, online events, content videos, inspirations and much more!

Because together we THRIVE!

Welcome on board!

"A quantum and cosmic access that enables us to reprogram & align our being, with the truth of our heart, to the ascension of consciousness on planet Earth.” 







On every other Sunday we meet LIVE on YouTube for a Cosmic Meditation!

You can find all last videos online:

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Connect with your inner wisdom on different depths and lengths.

Individual and couple sessions 




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The Cosmic Portal channel on Telegram is a held space, where I share exclusive content and invite you to the chat group, to delve into the reverberance of these information into your lives. 

On very other week we have an ONLINE GATHERING where we Deepen Together into the themes we vote.

The Tribe members also have access to the Zoom platform to be with me during the LIVE Cosmic Meditation.

Support through the APOIA-SE platform

Another beautiful way of supporting this energy work through a Gift Economy tool, is to do it through APOIA-SE.

A crowdfunding platform that allows you to contribute monthly, allowing me to have some consistent income from this service and dedication!




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