We are spiritual Beings experiencing being Human...

In this auspicious moment of Planet Earth and between different star systems, our soul chooses, as part of its developmental journey, to Be here, on this Planet, now.

The Cosmic Portal springs from this perspective, inviting us to dive into the journey of Being, understanding that the purpose of our passage is a beautiful and exciting opportunity to learn to Be Human.

Here you will find everything about the Cosmic Portal, it's mission and history, and the team that are anchoring and manifesting it.


The call arrived for me in September 2016. During an intensive immersion in myself, in nature, meditating on sacred geometry with the Metraton Cube.

Anchoring the Cosmic Portal


Suddenly the cube opened and became a multidimensional portal. I started to receive downloads of information and clear guidance for meditation. That's how I started to offer the Cosmic Mediation, that after 2 years, became the Quantum Journey.

For months I would wake up in the middle of the night and be kept awake for hours, I was receiving a whole new perspective of our planetary mission. Slowly I was able to translate it into words, then I began to record some videos and podcasts.

Before this process started, I was offerening a therapy called Heart Oracle. It became impossible for me to continue this therapy. It was time to just receive. Slowly, the Cosmic Portal therapeutic sessions appeared, piece by piece. Eventually I felt secure enought to offer them.

During these years many people came together, offering support to birth the Portal and giving positive feedback, enabling me to keep going. I'm deeply grateful to them, also to everyone that has participated in any of my sessions or meditations, helping to anchor these frequencies on Earth.

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The Mission

  • To anchor and share codes and information that allows us to remember our True identity and to manifest now our most authentic version. 

  • To provide tools and a safe space for us to dive inside, revisit our history, integrate all our parts and transcend them.

  • To help us access our Soul Mission, connect with our Highest Truth to manifest our part of Earth's ascension.

  • To hold space for those who resonate with this language and movement to connect. Sharing our journey and potentializing our individual missions, together.


Hi! :)

I'm Maria, and I am here in service. To the rise of a loving consciouness in everybody, starting with myself.

Born in the huge São Paulo city, Brazil, I was, as many of us, programmed to follow & fit the system. What really pulled me out along the way was the many strong losses I had. My grandmother who raised me, to my mother, other grandparents, my father and my baby. These episodes invited me very early on to find myself inside of these wounds.

Since I was 19 I was engaged in meditation, silent retreats, breathing, yoga, crystals, tarot cards and other mystical tools and types of energy work.

When I was 34 I lost my baby, still early in the gestation period. This brief and intimate contact with motherhood brought me face to face with my life in the city, my priorities, values and world view.

When I tried to return to 'normal' life, it was gone, there was no return. Within two months I respecfully finished all my commitments with that life and followed the call of my Soul's journey, travelling to India and later Europe. 


After some months in India I received an initiation with an intuitive reading technique (Heart Oracle) with which I worked for over a year, opening my path as a therapist. When I was 36 I started to receive these new codes, revealed within the Cosmic Portal, and a whole new mission showed up.

Today I integrate the discipline of my spiritual practices and service to the therapist that blossoms within me, celebrating life with much living and dancing.

It's an honour to share this Journey on Earth with you!

With Love and in service,


Meet your pilot


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Meet the crew!




A Soul connection of light, love and healing. This is my relationship with Maria and the Cosmic Portal.
Maria is my therapist since 2016  with the medicine and power from the Portal. The gratitude for this encounter is endless.
My contribution to this rich and beautiful mission lies in supporting the processes of developing the portal presence and strategy, the language of the site and being together with her as a coach-friend-partner-consultant-listener-encourager. Much love.



Hi, my name is Sarah, mother, doughter, sister and friend. I'm a Tai-Chi practicioner, lover of dance and movement and a cosmic cleaner.

Maria and I met a few years ago and felt a strong connection, we are cosmic sisters. I've had many therapeutic sessions with her, deep dives into the soul, beaultiful experiences with the Cosmic Portal. Maria is a creature of profound honesty and integrity, her vision for humanity is inspiring, and I am very honoured to be able to contribute to this project with english text revision, along with hugs, love and veggies. 

As a communicator and somatic educator, he understands that informational flows goes beyond media: from the smallest particles to the cosmos.

Rica Barretto


Join the crew!


There is many ways you can join the crew and contribute for this project to happen.

Check some possibilities below and get in touch:

  • YouTube videos editing

  • upload on Social Media

  • translation 

  • text revision

  • audio edition

Support this project!


All the journey of anchoring and manifesting the Cosmic Portal has been filled up with deep inquiry of how to make my living by sharing my gifts.

As posed by Charles Eisentein in this quote: “How can I do meaningful work that I love and still make a living?” That question is a version of maybe a deeper question that comes down to, “How can giving and receiving come into alignment in a civilization that’s based on taking?”

As explained in the Gift Economy principles, all my services have an open contribution value, opening this space for everybody that feels the call to access it, trusting that eachone will offer what feels good, and in the end I'll be able to also live in abundance.

If this project, approach and space inspires you, I invite you to also contribute financialy! Because to build this new economy that allows us to serve our Soul Mission, we need an extra support from you!