"Personal and collective transition from an age of scarcity and separation, to an age of abundance, community, and gift"

(Charles Eisenstein)

Conscious Contribution


All the services offered by the Cosmic Portal are based on Conscious Contribution, some times with a minimum price.

This concept is an invitation to a new economy, where I am here offering my gifts and sharing my talents as part as my own mission, and these services don't have a price. But they have a value. A value that is personal to each one, depending on our financial abundance at the moment.


My invitation is for each one to consider the price they are used to investing for this kind of therapies and offer me a value that honours and appreciate what's been offered. In the end, in a fractal cosmic level, the value offered is actually a sign for the universe of each one own sense of worthiness to live their authentic mission.

The mimimum price stands for the value that, for me, cover the costs of offering the sessions. Is a real minimum.

Two important statement that holds it are:

  • There is that it has no price, but is NOT FOR FREE. It is trully important to honour the exchange of energy between us, also connecting the contribution with your openess to receive and integrate this content & healing.

  • Is not just money that matters! I'm open for creative exchanges and I LOVE to receive other things that I ALSO NEED. So when you feel to contribute in other way, check with me and let's create something amazing!

Working with Conscious Contribution is my first step into Gift Economy.


Gift Economy, for me, is a value of life. Based on the principle that everybody has unique talents & gifts to offer to the world, this concept invite us to live a economy based on the sharing of theses gifts as our work.

It is a concept that bridges the gap between the old paradigm of working for survival, regardless of the pleasure we have with it, and a new one, that is emerging, calling us to foccus on our Soul Mission and create a new system of exchange that allow this transition and implementation for all of us.

A step towards Gift Economy


'A gift economy or gift culture is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. ...This contrasts with a barter economy or a market economy, where goods and services are primarily explicitly exchanged for value received.' Wikipedia

General definition


Would like to offer me a non financial exchange? Send me a message! 


The approach of Charles Eisenstein


Charles Eisenstein is my biggest inspiration on choosing this path. I could never find peace neither in stablishing values for my services, or to make them for free or donation. He offers an online course, brilliant, that cultivates and explores a new mindset to hold this new approach to abundance. You can find more on the links aside.

According to him, on the course:
"The path of gift is a path of trust. I trust in you the same yearning that I know in myself. When I am moved, when I’m inspired when I am enriched by something, I feel grateful for it and I WANT to give back. It depends on the situation, sometimes I may want to give forward. I may not be inspired to give a return gift to the person who gave it to me. Maybe our status in life don’t make a return gift appropriate and it is obvious that I am meant to pass this onward to somebody else, so that can happen too. The return gift, the appropriate gift may not be toward the giver. Another reason I like to operate by gift is that I want to send a message of trust into the world.

It supports me, my family, my life, my work, all the people who work with me to bring this forth but ultimately I am not doing it for the money. If I set a price and put the information behind a paywall, that would be I am putting the money before the message. If I make it available by gift and invite a voluntary payment, I am putting the message before the money. And I hope people can feel my sincerity in this, I hope they can feel my genuine nonjudgement if they choose zero. This is really important to me. I want to provide a respite from the world of someone always trying to make money off of us. I want to offer a data point that contributes to a different story, a story that people are generous and it is OK to live that way, to live in generosity."

From: Living in the Gift online course - 1st chapter - Charles Eisenstein