"I am human, imperfect, and I am also receiving this healing."


Hi! :)

 I am here at the service of the rise of the awakening of the loving consciousness in all, beginning with my own self.

 I dedicated myself intensely to my own undress for over 15 years. At the beginning of 2015 the intense winds of change led me to travel the world in search of myself and I opened myself to manifest my gifts and talents.​

At the end of the autumn of 2016 I began to receive access to this Portal, which has since taught me to pilot it, as well as to explore different languages, tools and depths of Healing

I have worked with three different approaches to therapeutic sessions, with open meeting of guided meditation and group work; and I share a little of it all here in the Inspirations.

The blossoming of a Mystical Therapist.


I'm Brazilian and I’ve lived in São Paulo for 34 years. My mother has made the passage when I was 15, in a very aggressive and unexpected way. This clearly marked the great milestone in my journey that threw me in, to find the mother in me, to welcome me, to listen to me, and from within this warmth open space to connect with her, in this space beyond time where relationships do not end in the limits of physicality…

 A glimpse of my own journey

Also since the age of 20 I‘ve been already involved with crystals, tarot cards, shamanic knowledge ... from there I arrived in the breath, meditation and yoga (Art of Living). I lined up and practiced some energy healing (Deeksha, Magnified Healing, Light Healing). I’ve participated for 5 years in a spiritual school with deep studies of self-knowledge with the sacred medicine of the Forest. In this period I have potentially developed my intuitive channels and metaphysical gifts.

Another major milestone in my life was the loss of a baby still early in the gestation. This brief and intimate contact with motherhood has brought me to the complete re-signification of my world view, priorities and values. When I wanted to return to 'normal' life, it had no return, and in two months I’ve respectfully closed my bonds and said goodbye to this Maria from São Paulo.

Traveling around the world

At the very beginning of this journey, I received an initiation in a beautiful intuitive reading technique (Heart Oracle) with which I’ve worked for over a year until I started receiving new accesses and codes revealing within this Cosmic Portal.

Em  In 2017 I felt a call to deepen my studies in the Akashic Records and made a formation in Soul Realignment, which is one of the therapies that I offer nowadays. In 2017 I felt a call to deepen my studies in the Akashic Records and got certified in Soul Realignment, which is one of the therapies that I offer nowadays. 

Today I integrate the discipline of my spiritual practices and the service to this therapist that blossoms in me, with much living and dancing to life.

And it is from this positive, centered and light place that I place myself at the service of my healing, our healing and the healing and ascension of the Planet.

I am another you.

With Love,