The Quantum Theatre is a group therapeutic process born with the highest intention of liberating emotional trauma and contractions from the collective mind & body.

This process offers a safe and well-defined structure for us to access, honour and transform deep contractions in our systems.

An invitation for those that are working on themselves and feel to go deeper with the power of a group, as well as for those willing to contribute to the collective transformation.

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How the session works?



We start in the departure lounge, where I present our agreements in order for us to fly together:

- Confidentiality:  All the names and individual contexts that are shared during the process are completely confidential and do not leave the room. Also we commit to not engage in further conversations about any of the personal processes that have been shared. 

- We start and finish together: Here you are invited to check in with your heart. If this flight, with these people and crew, is not for you at this moment, you can choose to not enter, and if you feel to enter, you commit to stay until the end.



As we activate the circle with all present, the process begins. We are guided by the quantum field, the subtle informational storage that also holds the emotional elements.


The process happens by inviting the field to show itself through us, the wounds/contractions that are ready to be unveiled at this moment by this group. All elements are brought by sensations in the body (emotional and physical) felt by the participants.

There is no judgment for what is being brought, we are present to honour and acknowledge all unfoldings of existence. We aim to find the shape, the body expression of each element.

Those that are on the outside circle are holding the field with a centered presence, feet are anchored on the ground with an awareness of the breath.

Once we discover all the elements present and the dymanics between them, we observe and integrate the final shape of this contraction and apply 3 codes of activation:

  1. CHARGE: This is the moment when each one inside of the circle will fully feel, in all the cells, the element that one is representing. With body expression and sounds, allowing the emotion to be fully expressed;

  2. CONNECT WITH THE COLLECTIVE LEVEL: At this moment we call for a connection with all beings, from all timelines and in all dimentions, that can be reached by this circle. It is a powerful moment where we go from the individual to the collective wound;

  3. CREATE THE ANGELIC TUBE OF HEALING: This last activation is when we anchor the universal healing energies to untangle this contraction. We are not in search of a perfect shape or a specific outcome, we will again, let the field shape a new form, a next movement unfolded by each element present.


The process of development


The Quantum Theatre took 2 and a half years of visions & downloads to fully 'present itself'. As with all the content of the Cosmic Portal, everything arrives for me intuitively, it has it's own timing of decoding and translation into the physical world.

The first image that came through was a circle of people, standing, holding the field for the embodiment of an emotional contraction. At the center of the circle, some people were representing an emotion, the elements present in the emotional contraction. Each one of these elements were translated into a shape, a group posture, revealing the core of the contraction.

At this first moment, I knew I was birthing a new group therapy and that it would take some time for me to be fully prepared to hold this field.

With time more elements of the framework were presented. Using Sacred Geometry to arrange the chairs, the triangles of activation and the form of the Metraton Cube as the activator of what I came to call the quantum processor, that is generated at the center of the circle.

The specific colours of the Triple Flame (blue, rose and gold), are activators, unknoting the contraction represented.

The influence of Family Constellations is present with the awareness that it is the morphogenetic field (or Quantum Field) that is accessed and provides information to be embodied. We do not access the soul of the Grandmother, for example, we access her information contained in the participant's field.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I also received clear guidance about the importance of working the body, the breath and the silence before beggining.

When I finally felt prepared to open the Quantum Theatre as a workshop, I invited some therapist friends and people that were already familiar with my work, to come for the trial session. I had no idea how it would actually play out, but I felt complety supported and guided by the Cosmic Portal. The presence of each one that attended was essential to allow the process to present itself, and to receive their feedback afterwards providing me with powerful inputs for some arrangements.

Since then I've been offering this workshop regularly,in English and Spanish, and at each session I learn more about the possibilities of this framework, and at each time the contribution of the participants is essential for it to unfold. It is a deep co-creative process that happens between all present.



"This inner work with Maria is highly recommended, her strength and sweetness, the way she can guide you through the unknown, through those painfull memories, collective fears and bring all this to the eye of consciousness ...I wanna go back when possible. I feel a big issue unblocking since I had traveled in her "Space ship". Thank you loads Maria and all the beautiful beings that where there with me."

— Belém Marin, Spain

Quantum Theatre